Missouri Organic Spotlight: Industrial Tub Grinding

tub grinder

Collecting items like used pallets and tree trimmings can be a hardship for many construction companies and smaller municipalities, but for many, it’s a service that needs to be offered. If you don’t know what to do with all of the items you collect, or how you can dispose of them in a cost effective manner, you’re not alone. For many business and … [Read more...]

Requirements for Composting in Winter

backyard composter

Winter composting is the art and science of combining various organic materials in a pile and then allowing them to break down into humus. The process of composting is to cause a controlled fermentation of organic matter. The requirements for winter composting takes some time to master. You will need a few basic tools, such as a manure fork, a compost bin, … [Read more...]

The Food Recovery Network Fights Against Food Surplus Waste


In the United States of America we have many issues when it comes to food surplus, food waste being one of the biggest. As a society we waste over 35 million tons of food each year. A tiny 3% of this food is donated or composted, and the rest ends up creating greenhouse gasses and causing harm to our environment. 1 in 6 Americans don't know where … [Read more...]