Household Items You Can Reuse as Planters

We’re always looking out for ways to reuse items as many times as possible here at Missouri Organic Recycling. Yesterday, we were taking a look at Re-Nest, a blog focused on green home design ideas, and we absolutely loved the post “15 Repurposed Planters: Just Add Dirt.” All of the planters listed in the post are items that you’ve probably got sitting around your house, so before you head to the store to purchase new planters, check around your home and see if you can reuse a few things instead. Here are a few of the ideas we like!

  • Shoes – Repurposed sandals, like the popular Crocs line, make for great planters because they have a built-in drainage system.
  • Colanders – Like sandals, colanders are great because they have built-in drainage, plus they are great for hanging plants since they have handles.
  • Yogurt Containers – Rather than recycle your yogurt containers, use them as planters. They are perfect for starting out flowers or vegetable plants that will need to be transplanted later.

There are many items around your home that can be turned into planters, like an old colander.

You can check out Re-Nest for additional ideas of items to repurpose as garden planters. Do you have additional suggestions? Share them with us! We would love to hear from you!

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