Elementary Students Demonstrate Passion for Recycling

“We can learn (to recycle) while we are young and continue it as adults, (which will make) our world better now and in the future,” ~ Savannah Rogers, 5th grade

“I love to recycle because it saves the world so it won’t be dirty.” ~ Jane Marie Botts, 4th grade

“(Recycling) is making a better place for stuff to live,” ~ Littia Elliott, grade unknown

“It makes our school a better place,” ~ Chandler Tagudar, 4th grade

“When I’m recycling, I feel that I’m doing my part toward keeping the earth environmentally safe. Hopefully, people will learn about recycling from my school’s efforts.” ~ Daelyn Elizabeth Overstreet, grade unknown

These are just some of the passionate quotes from Alabama students and members of their school’s Green Team Recyclers.

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Just before school ends each day, the recycling team gathers for about 30 minutes to sort and count recyclable items from the day’s snacks and lunch break. Besides students in grades three through five, the team also consists of teachers, parents, faculty and staff.

Among the items sorted through include plastic bottles, soft drink cans, cookie bags, fruit juice containers, candy wrappers and much more. They also redeem Boxtops 4 Education and Campbell’s Soup Labels. The class with the most recyclables at the end of each month gets a treat – usually popcorn or Popsicles.

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